Bedrock Unlimited

Helping you build the foundation to support your dreams

Your joy depends on you pursuing the desires in your heart – to love and be loved, to be surrounded by good friends, to have a meaningful purpose or career, to have healthy family relationships, to make a difference, to have a life that matters.

Bedrock Unlimited is a life coaching consultancy for individuals or groups.
Coaching a clear path and vision to the results you want in your life or business. We will explore strategies that empower you to accomplish more balance, happiness, financial success, and excitement in every area of your life.


Confused? Unfulfilled? Overwhelmed and stuck? We're here to help you make the changes needed, if you're willing to do the work needed, to move beyond your self-limitations.  We'll support you to dig deep, deeper than you may have ever gone, and begin to build a solid foundation that will support all of your dreams.


How we work

A common map for coaching involves increasing clarity around the issue you want to work on, conversations to deepen your awareness and insight around the issue(s), exploration and identification of intention, expanding choices by generating options and possibilities, choosing, committing, defining the outcome and actions and ongoing accountability checks.


I will work with you to help you become clear on what you want to change or make happen in your life, and then assist you to set goals and develop an action plan. It is important that we communicate honestly. I will listen, question, challenge, and provide clear feedback in a firm and compassionate manner. A foundational component of effective coaching is powerful questioning. Coaching builds on client’s strengths, and helps clients anticipate and plan for how to proceed when they encounter barriers or get stuck.


Some things you can expect from your coach are:

  • A collaborating partner working for your career success and personal happiness.
  • Someone whose focus is you and helping you get what you want. No hidden agendas or conflicting relationship, friendship or professional colleague issues.
  • Someone to help you create a vision of the future you want and hold that vision for you.
  • A sounding board for your ideas and someone to brainstorm with.
  • Objective feedback backed by experience and coach training. I will be frank with you about what I see and hear. If I sense you are on the wrong track I let you know it. I will ask powerful direct questions.
  • Support when the going gets tough.
  • Someone to encourage you, acknowledge your efforts and successes and celebrate your victories with you.
  • Someone who holds you accountable to your commitments to yourself and keeps you on track to reach your goals.
  • A strategist to work with you on the nuts and bolts of your career and life plan. To help you decide what to do and when to do it.
  • Someone who believes in you, helps you learn to trust yourself and “raise the bar” to reach for changes in your career and personal life that you may have not thought possible.